Rotarians in Ghana join forces to donate face masks

Rotarians in Ghana join forces to donate face masks

Rotarians in Ghana join forces to donate face masks

As the call for social distancing and health guidelines intensifies, Rotarians in Ghana have donated face marks to help fight Covid-19.

On Saturday, 22nd August 2020, the Rotary Clubs of Accra-Ring Road Central, Accra-Legon East,
Accra-Osu Oxford Street and Accra-Industrial partnered the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), they were at the Agbobloshie market where they embarked on a Covid-19 education.

The team also donated of 2000 face masks to adults and children around the market.

The Rotarians emphasized the need to wear the mask whenever they stepped out as they taught children and adults how to wear, take off and take care of their masks.

The Club Presidents of these four clubs explained why their clubs have taken this initiative and how it will benefit the traders and head porters aka Kayaye at the Agbobloshie market.

Since the inception of this pandemic, Rotarians in Ghana have taken action in various ways to support the efforts of the national Covid-19 team and government in alleviating the plights of the affected and/or underprivileged.

“The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our lives in real-time, and this puts Rotarians in an unfamiliar place.

“As People of Action, we are most comfortable when we are fully engaged in the world – moving freely, meeting openly, and offering helping hands,” Rotary International President Holger Knaack & Past Rotary International president Mark Maloney said.

He added, “These are very difficult times for people who, like us, are at our best when we are learning, growing, and serving—together. We are also leaders in our communities, and these times call for leadership. In many ways, this also is our time.

“We have proven abilities to reach out and collaborate to offer immediate help to people in need at a rapid pace. These are precisely the skills needed all over the world today.”


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