DG Yvonne Kumorji-Darko

DG Yvonne Kumorji-Darko
DG Yvonne Kumorji-Darko


Inducted into the Rotary Club of Accra – South as a member on 20th July 2004 and loaned the classification Property Development. She has held various positions in her club over the years: Fundraising Chair, Treasurer, Sarge – at – arms, Director, Membership Chair and Foundation Chair, Club Trainer. She was the club’s President in the year 2011-12 during which year the Club attained 100%PHF, and also steered them to become the only club in the district to be 100%+1.

She was invited to be an Assistant Governor mid year during PDG Winfred Mensah’s term of governorship for D9102.  She also served as Assistant Governor for PDG’s Maurice Edorh, Dorothe Guonon and Sam Worentetu. She was the DGSR for the formation of the RC of Accra – Tesano in 2013 – 14. GD Yvonne has been a resource person for District Assemblies in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Niger from 2014 to date.

From 2014 to 2016 she has served as District Vice Chair for Foundation Fundraising, Ghana, and the Peace Scholarship Chair.  2016-18 She was the District Vice Chair for Foundation, Ghana.

She has also held various positions on Ghana’s HOC committees over the years and was a member of the Rotary Family Health Day Committee.  She has undertaken numerous resource positions at the District’s Foundation, Membership and DTS Seminars.

  • Resource person for the West African Project Fair 2019, Monrovia, Liberia.
  • Served as a committee member for the West African Project Fair, 2017 held in Accra.
  • She is also faculty member of D9102 Rotary Leadership Institute, Ghana, and a graduate of the Institute.
  • Chair, Ghana @60 Celebrations 2018
  • Chair, Rotary Foundation Fundraising Musical concert, 2017, 2018
  • Championed the Walk for Rotary programme.  2014 to date.

DG Yvonne served as the Rotary International Coordinator for Africa, Zone 20, Hamburg Promotion Committee 2019, Scorer and Reader for the Rotary Peace Scholar Application 2020-2021.

Currently the District Governor for D9102.

Contributions to the Rotary Foundation

Paul Harris Society, a Benefactor and a Major Donor Level 3.

Attendance at District Training and Assembly

She has attended 11 DTA’s

Attendance at Rotary International Conferences and Zone Institutes

11 International Conferences, 6 Zone Institutes, 1 Presidential Conference, DGN Training in Lagos, DGE Training in Egypt. International Assembly in San Diego 2020.

Served as an Aide to PRID Safak Alpay during the Accra Zone Institute in 2016

Aide to Esther Rassin during RI President Rassin’s visit to Ghana.  Ghana @60 celebrations.

Aide to RIDE Geeta Manek during the DTAS in Accra, Ghana, 2019

Foundation Awards

She has been honoured to receive the:

  1. Distinguished Service Award from the Directors of the Rotary Foundation in Marrakech in 2014
  2. Meritorious Service Award from the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation in Mombasa in 2015.

Professionally, Yvonne is a real estate developer and realtor with over 30 years experience in the construction of residential apartments and luxury homes.  She is also an advisor to GeoSocial Consulting Limited in the design and implementation of Land access and Resettlement for small, medium and large scale projects.  She is the Co Founder of The Hope for Kids Club which focuses on using education to liberate the deprived in needy communities.  She recently set up the Drunken Butcher, specializing in the sale of British meat produce, quality wines and alcohol.

She has two children and two grandchildren.